Steven C. Eror, President and CEO of ProLung, Inc., featured in PharmaVOICE 2018 Year in Preview

November 28, 2017

ProLung, Inc., the world leader in accurate, non-invasive, and radiation-free predictive analytics for rapid risk stratification of lung cancer, is pleased to share the PharmaVOICE “2018 Year in Preview: Treatment to Wellness” featuring ProLung president and CEO, Steven C. Eror.

“ProLung is focused on improving the lung cancer survival rate from around 17% on average from where it is today to more than 56% while dramatically improving the health economics,” Mr. Eror says. “It’s about time clinicians and patients had the power of knowledge. ProLung is giving them the power of knowledge.”

Healthcare is becoming increasingly focused on delivering positive health economics. It is encouraging to see industry leaders like ProLung strive to provide wellness through preventative solutions used before disease develops or becomes chronic.

“Pharmaceutical companies should be patient advocates first, and business and shareholder advocates second,” shares Mr. Eror.

ProLung invites you to read “Trending 2018: Treatment to Wellness” by Kim Ribbink in the November/December 2017 issue of PharmaVOICE (pp. 90-94).

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